Saturday, 22 July 2017

Twin Peaks S03E10 "Laura is the one"

I think I can safely say that this episode marks the moment when everything is starting to come together in a cohesive way. Finally, a few more things made sense this week; not least when FBI Director Gordon Cole "saw" Laura, they worked out that the white haired lady is communicating with Evil Cooper and they obtain a photograph from the apartment we saw in opening episode which shows Evil Cooper in that glass structure. Tying together all the different parts is essential for a newcomer like me, so I was very pleased to see such explanations so obviously spelled out this episode.

Dougie! What can we say? He has his doctor's checkup, as his wife and doctor both notice he's lost weight and looks in peak shape. I was expecting much more from an examination as the doctor didn't get into the mental side of things at all. Surely he noticed his behaviour and limited communication skills??? Then there's the Dougie sex scene! LOL. That was just amazingly funny.

Remember the guy who ran over the kid a few episodes ago? Well the sicko is back and he kills a witness this week and also seems in cahoots with one of the police officers on order to remove evidence. This guy is totally off his head and sick. He also steals money off his family in a rather surreal scene.

Aside from that, we've the organization in background that hire the dwarf now trying to pin everything on Dougie with the Casino's issue of not getting an insurance payout. Seems more hitmen might be going after Dougie? This can only be superbly entertaining.

Rating 7/10 - Enjoyable and thankfully revealing this week even though I'm still baffled by most of it.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Twin Peaks S03E09 "This is the Chair"

What I thought

I'm still struggling a little now that we're half way through season but this episode was very welcome as it was much easier to follow, absorb and enjoy.

Evil-Cooper is very much alive, as expected, despite taking multiple shots to the chest. We saw him getting seen to by those "miners" shortly after he was taken down. This week he's meeting up with yet more contacts for a new ride and gun. Interestingly, he sends a text message to the lady with the white hair (yup, I'm rubbish with names) which is very curious given that she's with the FBI who go to identify the man with the missing head.

Dougie gets some screentime this week but not a lot as it's mostly the police guys in the station talking to themselves, his boss or doing their thing arresting the dwarf guy in a semi-comical fashion. The laughing police guy is frustratingly amusing. There's also more evidence that Dougie is starting to slowly remember things as he stares at a USA flag and power socket this week.

At Twin Peaks Police HQ the guys get their hands on more information in the form of some small papers showing coordinates and dates, which happen to have been foreseen and are only a few days away! Curious. They also have a hint that there might be two Coopers.

There's more ridiculous dramatic confessions from the librarian killer guy from many episodes ago this week which explains a lot, as he and the lady killed had a paranormal blog and were dabbling in things to do with another dimension, Seems they made contact and then things went seriously wrong.

Didn't care much for last 5 or so minutes, as it's another segment in the bang bang bar with a band playing and a couple characters talking things out. Don't think I've actually watched an episode through to the end because of the musical interludes - something I just don't like in my TV.

Rating 7/10 - So, decent stuff. Nothing too cryptic for my well confused brain this episode and also dripping of explanations.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Colony Season 2 Episode 1

After what has been an incredibly long time in the UK, finally Season 2 started this last week on Sky Atlantic. We were treated to a 'Previously on ..' segment to quickly warm our memories up, before we launch into ... 45 minutes of a flashback. Yes, we went to before the alien occupation. In fact, hours before, as we see Will with his then work partner, Devon, having their disagreements before being sent to investigate numerous VIPs that have gone missing.  There's a massive EMP attack, which takes out everything electrical, including transport. With panic around the city, Will has Katie get the family to safety, which in his view is their bar business in town. Right, because that's safer than anywhere else, right? Initially I wondered if this was just a brief flashback or we'd be going to and fro for the whole episode, but no, it went on until the last few minutes, leaving me with little doubt that one of the main reasons for the flashback was to setup Devon. Indeed, we return to Will right before the end, being on the other side of the wall as he was at the end of Season 1, looking for his son. After a beating by a gang who are less than helpful, he heads to a house where he's greeted by a gun being held at him by ... Devon. Cue the dramatic conclusion music and the credits. Yes, this was pretty predictable from that perspective.

However, all in all, it was very interesting to see what happened on that day, especially the very little actual alien activity. We hardly saw anything extraterrestrial, aside form the massive blocks of wall flying through the air and landing in place. This show's greatness is keeping the alien's in the background, if they are actually aliens at all! We don't know do we? Maybe it's a major government coverup? Who knows. But by keeping the mystery at arm's length, the show has an awesome backdrop of mystery, fear and the plain unknown that in itself is the prime draw for me to this programme. We learn along the way more about Broussard, who seems to be a genius at working out when to leave a building before it's demolished. Why the rest of the troops didn't think like him I have no idea. We also find out that the EMP took out his mother's life support, thus giving him even greater resentment of the alien arrival. Proxy Synder we see coming into 'power'. He's probably my favourite character in the show, although he didn't really get to do an awful lot this episode aside from look mystified as he was escorted about with little to no information on what was going on.

Rating 7/10 - An enjoyable opener which I hope the payoff of the long flashback wasn't just so we had Devon setup for her introduction at the end. The arrival of the aliens in a very stealth and invisible manner was done amazingly well, and really helps propel this show high in the watchability factor for me, aside from of course, having likable main characters.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Twin Peaks S03E08 "Got A Light?"

Well, what are we to make from that??!?!? Quite easily the most weirdest "out-there" episode since the opener of this season. After seeing evil-cooper in the getaway car be tricked by his driver and shot, we spend the rest of the episode in some psychedelic drug-fuelled utopia of visuals and audio, with brief flirtations into anything comprehensible. We have flashes of lightning, with these rather poor and ugly looking individuals "helping" evil-cooper (or maybe not helping?) before we are then taken back to the 1950s and the testing of the atomic bomb, with a long series of visuals on what you might imagine it's like inside the reaction. Next we're taken to those same figures and lightning flashes around an old petrol station, before we head it seems to some obtrusively darkened building on an island where there's a victorian-era dressed lady and the giant, who seem to sort of react to more banging noises and a drum of sorts, before the giant goes to their home-made cinema of sorts, watches what we just watched for last half hour (but in seconds) and then seems to ascend, project light matter out of his head, generate a ball, which has Laura Palmer's face in it, which the other lady then sends to Earth. Yes, the Planet Earth. Still back in the 50s, we have a courting couple ending their night out, the scruffy men from earlier arrive, kill people in a radio station, start broadcasting the same words recursively, as everyone in the nearby town listening to radio dies. The egg sent to Earth is born as some weird insect which goes into the mouth of one of the town's inhabitants. Quite frankly I'm baffled.

There were minutes when this episode was tiresome, not least 4 minutes of the Nine Inch Nails near the start, but the majority of this acid-trip experience was nonetheless intriguing although there were so very few aspects of it I could cling to and interpret. Is the 50s when all the issues in Twin Peaks started? Is this the start of it all? Was Laura Palmer born this way? Are these supernatural forces powered by nuclear matter? Do they have an interest in it? Was this all kicked off by evil-cooper being shot, or just a flashback that was going to happen anyways?

Much like watching 2001: A Space Odyssey, this episode took us through all manners of visual candy and conflicting details that swish around in our minds like a mess of little details to form some sort of soup that will taste nice but you never know what was in it. It was a bit too much for me on several occasions but it also was undoubtedly amazing at times and a very intriguing passage of play.

Rating: 6/10 - I thought the tea I was drinking had really gone to my head watching this.

Windows 10 Mobile - Insider Build 15228

If you're going from 15226 to 15228, there's 35.15MB of goodness in this build upgrade to get your phone feeling loved. What puzzles me is this; how does 35.15MB take so long to download and install? If it's 1GB or 1MB, when it comes to Windows Update it seems to still take 5-10 minutes to download it, before we get to the initialising bit. What's that all about?

So, what's new in this build? Well, I've noticed one thing that wasn't mentioned on the build release notes; Windows Update font is no longer looking like a 5 year old's writing!!! Woohoo!

The rest of the fixes are just that, fixes. There's nothing else to talk about but I'll go on to say one of my two main moans about Windows 10 Mobile at this point. I'm not going to go on about apps or it's looming EOL, but about issues that seem to keep being annoying, which is Apps Resuming and Backup Options. Both take a long time to do anything. Sure, not all Apps appear to sleep when you are using them, but sometimes it can take an age to resume an app when you click on it - Messenger being one of the biggest offenders. Then there's clicking on the backup options link under Backups. It spends 10 seconds or more with the 'please wait' dots. I'm sure it used to be quicker man many builds ago.

Oh well, we've got to be thankful for small mercies when you are a Windows 10 Mobile user, so a new build is still something new although surely these could just be cumulative updates?

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Windows 10 Mobile - Insider Build 15226

Released in the last few days on the fast ring, this ~45MB build (think UUP technology that keeps build sizes down) took longer to download/initialise/install than it will ever take to check out the improvements. It was a good 20-30 minutes ... for 45MB? It's great that the build sizes are small now with UUP in the Creator's Update but why does it take so long to upgrade?

15226, as with the last several handful of Windows 10 Mobile builds, has been all about fixing minor issues in the OS and little else.

With the most notable change in recent Windows 10 Mobile builds being the label for Phone Updates changing to Windows Update, it's more of the same in this build as the release notes say:

  • This build also includes all the improvements from KB4022725.
  • We fixed an issue where some apps could not subscribe to SMS receive notifications.
  • We fixed an issue for Windows Insiders where some binaries stopped working when transitioning from Insider Preview builds to officially released builds.
  • We fixed an audio issue with Bluetooth headphones after Cortana reads an incoming SMS message to the user.
Bug fixes and security updates are better than nothing, but lets face it, sadly Windows 10 Mobile is coming to an end. No one will admit it though. We might yet be surprised but it's looking increasingly unlikely.

On the plus side, this latest build, as with most of the recent ones, runs very very smoothly. App updates still come thick and fast, making using Windows 10 Mobile very enjoyable, if you ignore Edge and the lack of a variety of apps. As a phone, email and news device, it ticks boxes very well. Add in the lumia camera (which is brilliant!) and it's a very useable device. If you want to use it as a serious web browser or get your hands on whatever app you might please, you're bang out of luck.

Still, though, it's confusing to use mobile users why there's still things like WeGo as a known bug for not working correctly, and the relabelling of Phone Update to Windows Update still looking like a 5 year old wrote it:

Will there be more build updates for Windows 10 Mobile? I believe so. 

Will there be anything worth getting excited about with these builds? Doesn't look like it.

Still, at least the phone works :)

Twin Peaks S03E06 "Don't Die"

After the previous few episodes being somewhat hard work for a newcomer to the saga like me, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Lots of Dougie really brightens any episode! I could watch a whole season just of this character! This week he's still outside the workplace where last week ended. He loves the statue but is eventually helped home by a security guard, only to get berated by his wife and adored by his son. The reports he was given, he draws the weirdest of patterns on, with help from magical bright dots. Upon his return to work and the boss calling him into his office, it appears that whatever Dougie did was genius! The turnaround and performance during all this is absolutely divine like chocolate sauce. I loved it.

Away from Dougie, the next longest segment this week concerns a drug deal that was far too drawn out for me, but what follows caught my attention, not least when the drugged up young lad knocks over a child at a crossing. It's all done in the strangest Twin Peaks style with people's OTT behaviour as they witness this, including a guy who we see before arriving on the scene, who sees the child's spirit floating to heaven. For me this was a mixture of emotion. Naturally what happened was sad and disturbing but it was also difficult to fully take too seriously due to the Twin Peak's style of mannerisms that everyone displayed.

Then to the scene near the end, when a hitman dwarf goes on a blood rampage in some office with a poker instrument of sorts. Oh, it's a spike, that's right. LOL. He was given photos of a lady and Dougie, killing the lady in gruesome fashion and nearby witnesses, before being disappointed that his spike is bent. It's truly bizarre and it's also very bloody.

Away from this, there's classic Hawk at the Police Station making a discovery in the toilet and one of the FBI guys meeting a lady in a bar. The latter means nothing to me but I'm sure means more to long standing Twin Peak Fans.

So, there we have it. A much more enjoyable episode for me, thanks to Dougie and some scenes that were easier to follow and appreciate than previous weeks.

Rating: 7/10 - Dougie rules and blood goes everywhere.

Dougie is a legend!

No idea what this was all about, aside from the some magic.

Potent and seriously odd scene with the poor boy.

This dwarf causes a blood bath.